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Making Complicated Design Coins With CNC Artwork

In production,different mistakes maybe made,mold making,plating,color painting,packing etc.if mistake in color making or plating,we have chance to correct them,but if in mold making,then the molds have to be scrapped,so how to avoid the mistakes in mould making is the most important process.

We all know before mould making,artwork should be approved,some sinmple designs the 2D artwork is enough,as below coins:

But what should we do if the desing is complicated? see below artwork customer sent:

3D,different logos,if onr mistake happend,the coin is no longer the customer want,what should we do?CNC artwork is must now.

You can see,customer can make revision to this artworks,the problem of wrong 3D effect,wrong logo designs won't be appear aggain, and perfect coins will be made at last!