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Based on your individual requirements, we will try our best to assit you make the correct design and the choose best type of material to meet your objectives. We can help you select colors and finishes and approve a final design.

Project starts when you first contact us by phone, live chat or e-mail. Whether you have an existing sample to duplicate or are creating a new one with your logo/design, we are here to help. Send us what you have and we'll do the rest.

If you have a design,we will review it and give you advises to make it perfect,we will send design and product solution to you by email. Once approved, your order goes to production.

Custom in Three Steps
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We will answer all your questions and give you a recommendation on the best solution


When considering custom designed Products, you can't go wrong with the timeless elegance of a die struck one. These simple, all-metal products provide a clean, understated, and elegant looking high-quality accessory to be worn by men and women as a mark of distinction and pride.

Key Features

● Dimensional finish            ● Faster production time
● Budget friendly                    ● Various metal plating options

Hard Enamel 

Hard enamel process, also known as Cloisonné or epola are some of our highest quality.

Key Features

● Smooth & bright finish                       ● Various plating options
● Full range of solid enamel colors        ● Most durable

Precious Metals 

For projects with a higher budget or for a truly special occasion or event that require an elegant, fine jewelry quality, choose from one of our precious metal options. We have options available in sterling silver, gold, also can be gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, palladium plating .

Key Features

● Shiny, hand-polished finish                    ● Jewelry quality
● Full range of solid colors                        ● Precious or synthetic stone accents available                                                                          

Soft Enamel 

Oftentimes you want a fun product that doesn't need to make a grandiose statement. For these kinds of projects, we offer more inexpensive, economy enamel process way.

Key Features

● Dimensional finish        ● Full range of solid enamel colors
● Budget friendly             ● Various plating options


For custom designs that have a lot of details, such as recreating a painting or photograph, we recommend ordering printed process. Printing allow for a full color product without the need for raised metal areas to separate different colors and areas.

Key Features

● Glossy finish          ● Various plating options
● Durable                   ● Match solid colors OR photographic images


The ancient art of casting metal from a mold gets a modern twist with our custom cast process. Sophisticated electronic equipment drastically reduces the time involved in producing your die cast products, so you get the quality and attention to detail that you expect and get your pins in a fraction of the time.

Key Features

● Full relief finish                     ● Faster production time
● Durable                                   ● Various plating options

PVC Silicone Softies 

For a fun, three-dimensional rendition of your logo or design, you may want to consider custom designed softies one. Softies are made with a versatile process that can create flat, 2D, 3D or even a full relief of your chosen design or logo. In addition to standard PMS colors, we offer products that are transparent, neon, sparkling, and even glow in the dark!

Key Features

● Rubberized, full relief finish              ● Cartoon effect
● Full range of solid colors                       ● Fun bonus treatments available


Gun Metal
Matt Nickle
Rose Gold
Iron Feet


Our professional manufacturing premium quality option great for large companies, organizations and small clubs. Match the Pantone (PMS) colors and shape of your logo while finishing the piece off with a variety of plating options. We can turn any design into reality whether they are simple promotional products or complex custom items, so it doesn't matter if you have an EPS/AI file or just a hand drawing or a sketched concept.